Message TitleMinister(s)TopicDateTruth PaperAudio
Good and EvilDavid LeachGood, Evil06/13/2018ReadListen
Change your thinkingDavid LeachThought lifeReadListen
The Bible, a set of rules or the grace of God?David LeachNew CovenantReadListen
Salvation, can I lose it?David LeachSalvationReadListen
Two kinds of knowledgeDavid LeachKnowledgeReadListen
Sin, what is it?David LeachSin09/05/2010ReadListen
Salvation, the two pillarsScott MayfieldSalvation01/19/2014ReadListen
Spiritual growth takes HumilityDavid LeachHumility02/23/2014ReadListen
Why do bad things happen to good people?David LeachEvil03/19/2014ReadListen
Natural reason opposes the Holy Spirit- William LawDavid LeachHoly Spirit03/23/2014ReadListen
AngelsDavid LeachAngelsReadListen
A pure heartScott MayfieldHeartReadListen
Pilgrim's Progress (part 1)David LeachChristian, Pliable, ObstinateReadListen
Pilgrim's Progress (part 2)David LeachSimple, Sloth, PresumptionReadListen
Pilgrim's Progress, Hypocrisy (part 4)David LeachHypocrisyReadListen
Pilgrim's Progress, Ignorance (part 5)David LeachIgnoranceReadListen
Holy Spirit continuous InspirationDavid LeachHoly Spirit03/16/2014ReadListen
Sin is wrong being- Oswald ChambersDavid LeachSinReadListen
The Great Christian Life- Oswald ChambersDavid LeachChristianReadListen
Careful UnbeliefDavid LeachUnbelief06/05/2011ReadListen
Soul or WillDavid LeachSoul/WillReadListen
Morning time with GodDavid LeachDevotionReadListen
Prevailing Prayer- Charles FinneyDavid LeachPrayer08/15/2010ReadListen
False Comfort- Charles FinneyDavid LeachFalse comfort10/21/2012ReadListen
Death to Sin- Charles FinneyDavid LeachSin08/01/2010ReadListen
Backslider in Heart- Charles FinneyDavid LeachBackslider10/28/2012ReadListen
Awakened and Convicted Sinner- Charles FinneyDavid LeachSinner10/10/2010ReadListen
Doctrines, from God or man? (part 1)David LeachDoctrines, TeachingReadListen
Doctrines, from God or man? (part 2)David LeachDoctrines, TeachingReadListen
Sin, forgiven- A. B. SimpsonDavid LeachForgivenessReadListen
Sanctification- A. B. SimpsonDavid LeachSanctification, SaintReadListen
Revival of a remnant- A. B. SimpsonDavid LeachRevival, RemnantReadListen
Holy Spirit, ten virgins- A. B. SimpsonDavid LeachHoly SpiritReadListen
Dairyman's Daughter- A. B. SimpsonDavid LeachTestimonyReadListen
Selflife- Andrew MurrayDavid LeachSelfReadListen
Revival of Holiness- Andrew MurrayDavid LeachRevivalReadListen
Power over Sin- Andrew MurrayDavid LeachSinReadListen
Dead to Sin- Andrew MurrayDavid LeachSinReadListen
Eternal SecurityDavid LeachEternal SecurityReadListen
Mystery of the Kingdom of GodDavid LeachMystery, Kingdom07/27/2014ReadListen
Sanctified in ChristDavid LeachSanctified, Made Holy05/21/2014Listen
Faith not sightDavid LeachFaith01/04/2009ReadListen
The Truth of Romans Chapter 9David LeachRomans Chapter 906/12/2013ReadListen
Dead with ChristDavid LeachDead with Christ07/06/2014ReadListen
God isn't allowing evilDavid LeachEvilReadListen
The Great ConfessionDavid LeachConfessionReadListen
Jesus Christ The Actual Word of GodDavid LeachWord of God12/26/2010ReadListen
Self and Pride oppose the Holy Spirit- William LawDavid LeachSelf, PrideReadListen
Holy Spirit led, ImperativeDavid LeachHoly SpiritReadListen
Receiving God's Words (part 1)David LeachGod's Words 01/25/2015ReadListen
Receiving God's Words (part 2)David LeachGod's Words 01/25/2015ReadListen
Forgive, or we dieDavid LeachForgiveReadListen
Become as a little childDavid LeachLittle childReadListen
AngerDavid LeachAngerReadListen
Are you and I deceived by Sin?David LeachSin, Deceived04/06/2014ReadListen
Battle between Sin and RighteousnessDavid LeachSin, RighteousnessReadListen
Can I live "In Christ" permanentlyScott MayfieldIn Christ03/05/2014ReadListen
Carnal ChristianDavid LeachCarnalListen
Christian's defeat and God's remedyDavid LeachDefeat, Remedy02/02/2014ReadListen
Christians held captive by the devilDavid LeachCaptiveReadListen
Christians living the Resurrection LifeDavid LeachResurrectionReadListen
ConscienceDavid LeachConscienceReadListen
Crowd or remnant?David LeachRemnantReadListen
Doubt destroys ChristiansDavid LeachDoubtReadListen
Enter His Rest (Andrew Murray)David LeachRestReadListen
It takes effort to find GodDavid LeachFind GodReadListen
Evil of slander and gossipDavid LeachGossip, Slander01/15/2014ReadListen
Eternal securityDavid LeachEternal securityReadListen
Fear God onlyDavid LeachFear GodReadListen
Familiar thoughts and spiritsDavid LeachFamiliar spirits07/16/2014ReadListen
Holy CommunionDavid LeachCommunionReadListen
Ulster revivalDavid LeachRevivalReadListen
Conqueror from EdomDavid LeachVictoryReadListen
The way to get strife out of our lives and our homesDavid LeachStrife11/30/2016ReadListen
The absolute need for righteousnessScott MayfieldRighteousness08/09/2015ReadListen
Grace - RedefinedDavid LeachGrace04/30/2014ReadListen
Living witnesses - a life fest in his life
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