Messages in series


MessageMinister(s)TopicDateTruth PaperAudio
Holy Spirit- Who, What?David LeachHoly Spirit2005Listen
Holy Spirit- Why?David LeachHoly Spirit2005ReadListen
Holy Spirit- When?David LeachHoly Spirit2005ReadListen
Holy Spirit- How?
David LeachHoly Spirit2005ReadListen
Holy Spirit- Evidence?David LeachHoly Spirit2005ReadListen
Do you know you could be living "in Christ"?David LeachIn Christ5/14/2006ReadListen
"In Christ"- Living in our new natureDavid LeachIn Christ6/4/2006ReadListen
"In Christ"- Under Grace
David LeachIn Christ6/11/2006ReadListen
"In Christ"- Permanently
David LeachIn Christ6/25/2006ReadListen
"In Christ"- ContentmentDavid LeachIn Christ9/21/2008ReadListen
God's 5 ways to healingDavid LeachHealing6/14/2009ReadListen
Christ the Healer
David LeachHealing6/28/2009Listen
Healing Truth (part 1)
David LeachHealing4/11/2010Listen
Healing Truth (part 2)
David LeachHealing4/11/2010Listen
Who needs to have faith for my healing me or someone else?David LeachHealing2016ReadListen
Marriage and our union with JesusDavid LeachMarriage6/30/2004ReadListen
Marriage and the God kind of loveDavid LeachMarriage7/7/2004ReadListen
Marriage and forgiveness – to and fromDavid LeachMarriage7/14/2004ReadListen
Marriage and Prayer – Why and howDavid LeachMarriage7/21/2004ReadListen
Marriage and God’s Word in my heartDavid LeachMarriage7/28/2004ReadListen
Marriage and God’s Word – not the lawDavid LeachMarriage8/4/2004ReadListen
Marriage and God’s Word changing meDavid LeachMarriage8/11/2004ReadListen
Marriage and faith in God not in sightDavid LeachMarriage8/18/2004ReadListen
Marriage and overcoming its enemiesDavid LeachMarriage8/25/2004ReadListen
Marriage and bearing spiritual fruitDavid LeachMarriage9/1/2004ReadListen

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