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How can you and I access God’s peace? We access God
David LeachGod, Peace12/02/2020ReadListen
Will there be a rapture of the Church? Who will go? ARE YOU READY?Ashley Harrell
Scott Mayfield
As I submit to God’s Spirit of peace I have peace and make peace
David LeachGod's peace12/05/2020ReadListen
In my human nature I am fearful but in God’s Spirit I am fearless
David LeachFear11/28/2020ReadListen
The greatest thing in all of life is knowing God – I want to know You more
David LeachKnowing God11/25/2020ReadListen
God wants to Guide us continually – but will we let Him?
David LeachGod's guidance11/18/2020ReadListen
Is God fair to those who haven’t heard the gospel, can they know Him without it?
David LeachFairness of God11/14/2020ReadListen
Is a Christian to persuade people that God is real, or by Him to preach His word?
David LeachPersuade or Preach11/11/2020ReadListen
True Christians learn to wait on God – many don’t to their great loss
David LeachWaiting on God11/07/2020ReadListen
Andrew Murray – The Believer’s Daily Renewal THE INTERCESSORDavid LeachIntercession10/31/2020Read
Andrew Murray – The Believer’s Daily Renewal THE POWER OF INTERCESSION
David LeachIntercession10/28/2020ReadListen
What is salvation? From what, to what? By whom, and how?
David LeachSalvation10/14/2020ReadListen
God’s freedom has 2 sides: From, everything evil and To, everything good
David LeachGod's freedom10/10/2020ReadListen
God asks: Are you free, meaning saved, from being your own god?
David LeachSalvation from selfwill10/07/2020ReadListen
We Christians have so much to thank God for, but so few of us do. Why?
David LeachGive thanks to God10/03/2020ReadListen
The mystery of healing that God wants every Christian to know
David LeachHealing09/30/2020ReadListen
God is our righteousness; then His word and His Spirit are our righteousness
David LeachRighteousness09/26/2020ReadListen
2 kinds of righteousness – only one enters Heaven – which do I have?
David LeachRighteousness09/23/2020ReadListen
Do you and I answer to God alone – in thought, word and action?
David LeachAnswer to God alone09/16/2020ReadListen
Faith alone receives from God, God gives us faith, so God expects faith.
David LeachFaith09/19/2020ReadListen
My lethal enemy of envyDavid LeachEnvy09/12/2020ReadListen
God will cause me to forgive all – if I don’t I’m living in darknessDavid LeachForgiveness09/09/2020ReadListen
Standing on a promise from GodDavid LeachLiving word08/29/2020ReadListen
The 3 fundamental parts of every Christian
David LeachSpirit, Soul or Will, Body08/26/2020ReadListen
Saving the World from SinDavid LeachSaved from sin08/22/2020ReadListen
From flesh to spirit – a possible way to approach the carnal Christian.David LeachFlesh, Spirit08/19/2020ReadListen
As Christians, how should you and I start each day, and why?
David LeachStart the day with God08/12/2020ReadListen
Humility and FaithDavid LeachHumility, Faith08/05/2020ReadListen
How Jesus is birthed in us and grows in us – a mystery to manyDavid LeachSpiritual growth07/29/2020ReadListen
Wrong words defile our hearts, then we can’t see God and all is impureDavid LeachWrong words07/15/2020ReadListen


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