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Before Christ our lives were aimless, after, for many, it still lacks purposeDavid Leach Purpose, Life1/12/2022ReadListen
People who are not walking with God often say I'm doing ok, can this ever be trueAmy Whitlock, Brody Harrell, Lisa AshburnRight, Wrong, Truth, Lies1/9/2022Listen
The mystery of God, Who is love and eternal life, is revealed In ChristDavid Leach Mystery, Love, Eternal Life, Revelation, In Christ1/8/2022ReadListen
Christians are chosen by God to be holy, and to pray for all other saints David Leach Saints, Prayer1/5/2022ReadListen
Sow to the flesh, reap corruption. Sow to the spirit, reap eternal lifeAmber Mayfield, Scott Mayfield, Pastor DavidSow, Flesh, Corruption, Spirit, Eternal Life1/2/2022Listen
Are we Christians always to submit to civil authoritiesDavid Leach Authority, Submission, Law1/1/2022ReadListen
Jesus O you of little faith, why did you doubt Matt14 31David Leach Faith, Doubt, Believe, Unbelief12/29/2021ReadListen
Prov 16.28 An evil person sows strifeMercy Abrams, Jon Holt, David LeachStrife, Contention12/26/2021Listen
Who are today's disciples of Jesus Christ, according to JesusDavid Leach Disciple12/25/2021ReadListen
Christ is a mystery revealed by God's Spirit to the spirits of those who love HimDavid LeachMystery, Revelation, Spirit, Love12/22/2021ReadListen
Glorious liberty and glorious restraint in ChristAnnie Holt, Amber Mayfield, Scott MayfieldLiberty, Restraint12/19/2021ReadListen
What does it mean to feed my heart daily on Gods wordsDavid Leach God's words12/18/2021ReadListen
Christianity is a relationship with God built on His faithDavid Leach Relationship, Faith12/15/2021ReadListen
Will my "good works" offset my sinAshley Harrell, Brody Harrell, Mercy Abrams, David Leach Good Works, God Led12/12/2021Listen
Our choices and decisions is God in all of themDavid LeachChoices, God's thoughts12/11/2021ReadListen
God says it's sin that determines if I belong to the Devil or GodDavid LeachSatan's, God's, Sin12/8/2021ReadListen
A true Christian is owned, ruled and told what to doLisa Ashburn, Ali Mitchell, Scott Mayfield, Amber Mayfield, David Leach Christian, Ruled, Owned12/5/2021Listen
Satan harms us all with thoughts, God will love and save us with His truthDavid LeachSatan, God, Thoughts, Freedom12/4/2021ReadListenhref="" rel="noopListenener" target="_blank">Listen
Jesus died, went to hell, arose and I did too In ChristDavid LeachThe Cross, Hell, Heaven, In Christ12/1/2021ReadListen
Gods Love compared to human loveMercy Abrams, Scott Mayfield Love11/28/2021Listen
Patience in waiting on God David LeachWaiting, Patience11/27/2021ReadListen
Jesus went to hell for meDavid Leach Hell11/25/2021ReadListen
Waiting on God so He can change us into His likenessDavid Leach Waiting, Weary, Faint, Eagles11/24/2021Listen
Faith, Foolishness, PresumptionDavid Ashburn, Amber Mayfield, David LeachFaith, Foolishness, Presumption11/21/2021Listen
God's peace, material and spiritual prosperity in ChristDavid LeachProsperity, Peace11/20/2021Readhref="" rel="<a noopener" target="_blank">Read"noopener" target="_blank">ReadListen
God changes peoples wills as righteous pray His revealed willDavid LeachRighteous, Prayer11/17/2021ReadListen
The ministry of Life and the ministry of death Amy Whitlock, Scott Mayfield, David LeachMinistry, serving, Life, Death11/14/2021Listen
How to end your day with God and sleep sweetlyDavid Leach Sleep, Quiet Time, Night Time11/13/2021ReadListen
Deliverance from yoyo lifeDavid leachHappy, Blessed, Defeated, Sad11/10/2021ReadListen
AuthorityRighteousness, Overcoming11/07/2021Listen
When God gifts us with one another He makes room for us David Leach Gift, People, Himself11/06/2021ReadListen
2 lifestyles, 2 deaths, 2 resurrections, 2 judgements, 2 final destinationsDavid Leach Choose11/3/2021ReadListen
In HimBrody Harrell, Mercy Abrams, Scott Mayfield, David LeachIn Christ, In God, In the Beloved10/31/2021Listen
Blessed are the mercifulDavid LeachForgiveness, Mercy10/30/2021ReadListen
7 keys to starting your day with GodDavid LeachMorning Time, Quiet Time10/27/2021ReadListen
Total Forgiveness
Jon Holt, Amber Mayfield, Alison Mitchell, David LeachForgiveness, Unforgiveness, Happy, Unhappy, Saved, Unsaved 10/24/2021ReadListen
Christianity begins by believing God's wordsDavid leach Holy Spirit, Led, Believe10/23/2021ReadListen
Dictum Meum Pactum my word is my bondDavid Leach Words, True, False10/20/2021ListenListen
Control of Self Brody Harrell, Amber Mayfield, Scott MayfieldSelf, Human Nature, Holy Spirit10/17/2021Listen
We choose right or wrong all through our dayDavid Leach Good, Evil, Right, Wrong10/16/2021ReadListen
When I obey God and not me, I'm saved, happy, well and fruitfulDavid Leach Obedience, Salvation, Happiness, Health10/13/2021ReadListen
Gal 5-25 If we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the SpiritAmy Whitlock, Amber Mayfield, Alison MitchellHoly Spirit10/10/2021ReadListen
119 Psalm, 176 verses, one subject, Gods words, by which I an savedDavid Leach Psalm 119, God's word10/9/2021ReadListen
God's mission to every saintDavid Leach Sanctification, Saint, Perfect10/7/2021ReadListen
Psalm 1 1-3 Blessed is the person who delights in Gods wordAshely Harrell, Lisa Ashburn, Ali Mitchell, Scott Mayfield, David Leach Delight, God's Word, Prosperity, Prosper10/3/2021Listen
Gods will is missed when we see apparent riskDavid Leach Courage, Faith, God's Will10/2/2021ReadListen
Two kinds of prosperity David Leach Prosperity, Money9/29/2021ReadListen
Where do you stand on Divine provision Craig Holt, Amy Whitlock, Brody Harrell, Ashley Harrel, Amber Mayfield, Mercy AbramsProvision, Prosperity9/26/2021Listen
God heals sickness, He does not bring itDavid Leach Sickness, Health, Healing, Condemnation, Condemn, Judge9/25/2021ReadListen
The key to healing is righteousnessDavid LeachHealing, Health, Righteousness9/22/2021ReadListen
Where do I stand on Divine HealingAshley Harrell, Jon Holt, Scott Mayfield Healing9/19/2021ReadListen
Fasting- Where is Gods emphasis? On the Spiritual or the Natural?David LeachFasting9/18/2021ReadListen
Do I receive God's word in my head or heartDavid LeachHead, Heart9/15/2021ReadListen
Do I acknowledge Gods words with my heart or headAustin Mitchell, Amber Mayfield, Mercy Abrams, David LeachKnow, Head, Heart9/12/2021Listen
What is your soul, what must it still be saved from and how?David Leach Soul, Will, Saved9/11/2021ReadListen
What does God mean by our breaking bread and bearing fruit?David LeachFruit, Bread, Prayer, Praise, Preaching 9/8/2021ReadListen
CommunionJon Holt, Scott Mayfield, David LeachFellowship, Relationship, Communion9/5/2021ReadListen
Foundational gospel truths to all who will receive them and be savedDavid Leach Foundation, Truth, Receive9/4/2021ReadListen
Song- Ps 19:7-10David Leach Song, Sing9/1/2021ReadListen
Two kingdoms, Heaven or hell.. which are you in?Craig Holt, Brody Harrell, Mercy Abrams, David Leach Heaven, Hell, Living8/29/2021ReadListen
Song "Give us clean hands"David Leach Sing, Song, Praise 8/28/2021ReadListen
God is utterly faithful, but are you utterly faithful to Him?David Leach Faithful, Honest, True 8/25/2021ReadListen
Is God fair? Good? Impartial?Alison Mitchell, Scott Mayfield, Ashley Harrell, David Leach Fair, Good, Impartial8/22/21ReadListen
God calls us to His eternal Kingdom
Part 2
David Leach Eternity, Heaven8/21/2021ReadListen
God calls us to His eternal KingdomDavid LeachEternity, Calling8/18/2021ReadListen
Do you have Joy? God's joy? How? WhyBrody Harrell, Amber Mayfield, Lisa AshburnJoy 8/15/2021Listen
Have the faith of GodDavid Leach Faith8/14/2021ReadListen
Christs second comingDavid Leach Christs Return 8/11/2021ReadListen
Heaven and Hell, you choose your final destinationAli Mitchell, Scott Mayfield, David Leach Heaven, Hell8/8/2021ReadListen
Pilgrims progress IgnoranceDavid Leach Christian, Obedience 8/7/2021ReadListen
Deliverance from addictions 2 ways, mans and God'sDavid Leach Addiction, Freedom8/4/2021ReadListen
Can I pray, praise and preach without the Holy SpiritCraig Holt, Brody Harrell, Mercy Abrams, David Leach prayer, preaching, praise, God's will 8/1/2021ReadListen
We all have a spiritual enemy "Fear"David Leach Fear, Fear of the Lord 7/31/21ReadListen
The bible won't be real to me until my heart has been circumcisedDavid Leach Veil, Circumcision 7/28/2021ReadListen
Our tongues hold our destinyDavid Leach Words, Speaking, Preaching7/24/2021ReadListen
God's Promises of protection from harm to those who love HimDavid Leach Protection, Safety Danger, Harm7/21/2021ReadListen
Ungrateful heart = unhappy, Grateful Heart = Happy. How can I go from one to the otherAshely Harrell, Austin Mitchell, Brody Harrell, David Ashburn, Ali Mitchell, Amber MitchellHappy, Unhappy 7/18/21Listen
Baptism into Christ is the most important of the three baptisms David Leach Baptism, Christ, In Christ7/17/21ReadListen
A shallow reading of Romans 9 will twist the truth about GodDavid Leach Romans 97/14/21ReadListen
God's words, do you take them lightly? Do you cling to them because they are your life? Do you speak them?Ali Mitchell, Ashley Harrell, Brody Harrell, Scott Mayfield God's Words, Life, Speak7/11/2021Listen
What is the glory of, or from, God, or, what glorifies GodDavid Glory, God7/7/2021ReadListen
What is grace?David Leach Grace6/30/2021ReadListen
I can do all things through Jesus Christ Phil 4-13 John 15-5Ashley Harrell, David Ashburn, Amber MayfieldStrength, I Can, I Can Do Nothing6/27/2021ListenListen
The New Covenant is Gods fear, that is, Gods word brought to life by Gods SpiritDavid LeachNew Covenant, God's Fear, Word6/26/2021ReadListen
When I'm in Christ what things have gone, what things are newDavid Leach In Christ, New Creation, Old 6/23/2021ReadListen
The fear of the LordAshley Harrell, Brody Harrell, Scott MayfieldFear of the Lord6/20/2021ReadListen
If we're willing to be kept holy, in Christ, we’ll be living in Heaven, in God

David Leach Holy6/19/2021ReadListen
Sin, self-will is spiritual sickness, righteousness, God's will, is healthDavid LeachSin, Righteousness, Sickness, Health, Healing, Sick6/16/2021ReadListen
God kept satan from killing Jesus until Calvary, satan regretted itDavid Leach Satan, God, Murder, Life6/12/2021ReadListen
Satan is stronger than Christians so we must have God's armor and weaponsDavidSatan, God, God's Armor, Thought6/9/2021ReadListen
MelchizedekBrody Harrell, Ashley Harrell, Mercy Abrams, Scott Mayfield Righteousness, Melchizedek, King, Peace, Salvation, Preach, Praise, Intercession6/6/2021ReadListen
As flowers open to sunlight our hearts are made open to GodDavid Leach Flowers, Heart, God, Son, Sun6/5/2021ReadListen
In God's eyes we are all either wise, In Him, or a fool, Under satanDavid Leach God, Satan, Wise, Fool6/2/2021ReadListen
Salvation Through SanctificationAshley Harrell, Brody Harrell, Amber Mayfield, David Leach Salvation, Saved, Sanctification, Two Pillars 5/30/2021Listen
The absolute faithfulness of our Father, God, to do us goodDavid Leach Faithful, Good, God, New Covenant5/29/2021ReadListen
God encourages us, satan discourages us, but we chose who we believe David LeachGod, Satan, Discourage, Encourage5/26/2021ReadListen
Romans 8:6Ali Mitchell, Craig Holt, Ashley Harrell, Brody Harrell, David LeachMind of the Flesh, Mind of the Spirit, Two Minds, Thoughts5/23/2021ReadListen
Since Christianity is being ruled by Christ's Spirit, am I a ChristianDavid Leach Christian, Holy Spirit5/22/2021ReadListen
God freeing Israel form Egypt, into the wilderness onto the Promised Land, parallels His getting those willing born again, then out of their self–life, to live “in Christ” saved from sin David Leach Egypt, Red Sea, Wilderness, Jordan, Promise Land5/19/2021ReadListen
The Wilderness Ashley Harrell, Brody Harrell, Amber Mayfeild, David Leach Jordan, Red Sea, Egypt, Wilderness, Promise Land5/16/2021Listen
The eye- God's five meanings, including His all seeing eye David Leach The Eye, I5/15/2021ReadListen
Righteous Christians will be intimidated by unrighteous people and evil spirits if they are not established that God has made them RighteousDavid Leach Righteous, Unrighteous, Intimidated, Established5/12/2021ReadListen
Overcoming TemptationBrody Harrell, Ashley Harrell, Alison Mitchell, Scott Mayfield, David LeachTemptation, Overcome, Thoughts5/9/2021Listen
Converted as an Adult but you must become as a little child David Leach Converted, Little Child, Humility, Heaven5/8/2021ReadListen
Our salvation depends on our believing God raised Christ from the deadDavid Leach Resurrection, Easter, Dead, Christ's death 5/5/2021ReadListen
Mat 18:3 "Unless you are converted and become as a little child you will by no means enter Heaven."Brody Harrell, Amy Whitlock, Amber Mayfield, Ashley Harrell, David LeachHeaven, Child, Converted, Humble, Humility5/2/2021Listen
God creates by His word and holds His creation togetherDavid Leach God's Word, Creation, Earth, Heaven5/1/2021ReadListen
Noah built an ark to save 8David Leach The Ark, Rain, Words, Clouds, New Covenant4/29/2021ReadListen
The law is not of Faith Carolyn Mayfield, Brody Harrell, Ashley Harrell, Scott Mayfield, David LeachLaw, Faith, Old Covenant, New Covenant4/25/2021Listen
The difference between conversion to Christ and a Christian being revivedDavid Leach Conversion, Born Again, Revived, Re-lifed4/24/2021ReadListen
God's intended spiritual journey for all of us - including our children
David LeachSpiritual, Life, Born again, Reborn, Reconciled4/21/2021ReadListen
Do you have the faith of God?Brody Harrell, Ashley Harrell, Alison Mitchell, David LeachFaith, God4/18/2021Listen
God's 2 covenants the law and Christ in usDavid leach Covenant, In Christ, Law4/17/2021ReadListen
Gods wants us to know Him- none can by our way, all can by His way David Leach Knowing God, One way, God, Heart, Spirit4/14/2021ReadListen
How do I benefit if I gain things in this life then lose my soul for eternity David Leach Prosperity, Money, Soul4/10/2021ReadListen


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