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Secret placeAlison MitchellSecret place02/02/2020Listen
MiraclesAlison MitchellMiracles11/17/2019Listen
The Mind of ChristAlison MitchellHoly Spirit11/03/2019Listen
DiscontentedAlison MitchellDiscontented10/06/2019Listen
A workman approved by GodAlison MitchellBible Study12/08/2018Listen
ForgivenessJon HoltForgiveness11/18/2018Listen
JubileeMercy Rose, Norma HayesEnvy, Unforgiveness, Restoration01/07/2018Listen
Become like a little childCraig Holt, Scott MayfieldHumility, Faith, Holy Spirit12/17/2017ReadReadListen
God is our RestMercy Rose, Annie HoltRest, Believe11/03/2017ReadReadListen
HellMarquette Penniman, Scott MayfieldHell07/16/2017Listen
What does it mean for Jesus to be my Lord?David LeachJesus, Lord, Follower, Holy Spirit05/10/2017ReadListen
Are you Righteous-Right now?Scott MayfieldRighteous, Right with God, Sin free09/18/2016Listen
Pray for a revival of righteousness being restored to ChristiansDavid LeachPray, Righteousness, Restoration09/14/2016Listen
When evil touches my life is it indirectly from God or is there a second cause?David LeachEvil09/07/2016Listen
Are you established in sanctification?Alison Whitlock, Mercy RoseSanctification, Established09/04/2016Listen
Permanently in Christ-Where no one can snatch you out of His handDavid LeachPermanent, In Christ08/31/2016Listen
Who is examining you?Alison WhitlockSearch my heart08/28/2016Listen
Many newborn Christians, like the Jews, needlessly depart from GodDavid LeachNewborn, Christian, Depart08/24/2016Listen
Is God really in control on planet earth?Craig HoltGod in control08/21/2016Listen
To take care over something or someone actually causes harmDavid LeachCare, Worry, Harm08/17/2016Listen
Does God seem afar off or is He real to you right now?Amy WhitlockGod is real08/14/2016Listen
This is God's will to let Him make us righteous (disc 2)David LeachGod's will, Righteous08/10/2016Listen
This is God's will to let Him make us righteous (disc 1)David LeachGod's will, Righteous08/10/2016Listen
Faith as your victory to enter and remain in the kingdom of GodCraig Holt, Mercy RoseFaith, Kingdom of God08/07/2016Listen
The Church should be a fountain of eternal life to those thirsty for GodDavid LeachEternal life, Thirsty, Fountain, Church08/03/2016Listen
Converted to Christ as an adult-But have you become as a little child?David LeachConverted, Become as a little child07/31/2016Listen
Dependence or DepartureAlison WhitlockDependence, Depart07/24/2016Listen
Jesus Christ-Lord of the good treesDavid LeachGood Trees07/20/2016Listen
A sure path to victoryAmber WhitlockVictory07/17/2016Listen
Jesus is the New CovenantDavid LeachJesus, New Covenant07/13/2016Listen
The New Covenant- Is God making Himself knownAmy Whitlock, Craig HoltNew Covenant, Knowing God07/10/2016Listen
The secret of the kingdom of GodDavid LeachKingdom of God06/29/2016Listen
Is your thought confession of sin or righteousness?Mercy Rose, Alison WhitlockConfession, Sin, Righteousness06/26/2016Listen
Oh Christian, where did you learn that?David LeachGrowth, Hearing06/22/2016Listen
The spiritually diligent have seen their wretchednessAmy Whitlock, Craig HoltSpiritual diligence, Wretched, Humble06/19/2016Listen
Being in the way, the Lord led meDavid LeachLed, The Way, Lord, Holy Spirit06/15/2016Listen
The Father provides for His branchesMercy RoseBranches, God provides06/12/2016Listen
Why does God need me to pray?David LeachPrayer05/25/2016
The humble do not presumeAmber Whitlock, Annie HoltHumble, Presumption05/22/2016Listen
Got Faith? Faith is the keyDavid LeachFaith05/18/2016Listen
Death yields effective prayerAmy Whitlock, Alison WhitlockDeath, Prayer05/15/2016Listen
Ministry- Who,What,Why,&How?David LeachMinistry05/11/2016Listen
Only one thing needfulMercy Rose, Craig HoltGod, Need05/08/2016Listen
Can I lose my salvation?David LeachSalvation05/04/2016Listen
Two kinds of wisdom- Man's and God'sDavid LeachWisdom, Foolishness04/27/2016Listen
Flames of fire and soldiers in warLisa Ashburn, Craig HoltComplacency, Faith fight, Holy Spirit04/24/2016Listen
Who needs to have faith for my healing? Me or someone else?David LeachFaith, Healing, Prayer04/20/2016Listen
Holiness MUST precede a revivalDavid LeachHoliness, Revival04/06/2016Listen
Christian, do you and I know God?Craig HoltKnow God04/03/2016Listen
To be in Christ now and inherit heaven- We must be righteousScott MayfieldIn Christ, Heaven, Righteous03/27/2016Listen
The Triune God, is God's emphasis on the Three or the One?David LeachTriune God, God is One, Three in One God03/23/2016Listen
The who, what, when, where, why and how every minister must askDavid LeachMinister03/16/2016Listen
Trust, wait and drink your milkMercy Rose, Craig HoltTrust, Faith, Spiritual milk03/13/2016Listen
After the message- Union with ChristChurch03/06/2016Listen
Union with the Resurrected life of ChristAnnie HoltOne with Christ, Life, Resurrection03/06/2016Listen
Are sin and Satan one and the same? You decide...David LeachSin, Satan03/02/2016Listen
Free from care and no longer a slave to sinLisa Ashburn, Scott MayfieldFreedom, Care, Sin, Slave02/28/2016Listen
Who are God's people today?David LeachGod's people, Christians02/24/2016Listen
Forgiven & forgiving because I have been bought with a price.Annie Holt, Mercy RoseForgiven, Forgiving02/21/2016Listen
Take no thought-Careful unbeliefDavid LeachThoughts, Care, Unbelief02/17/2016Listen
Have you allowed God to make you an able, sufficient minister?Alison Whitlock, Scott MayfieldMinister, Sufficient, Able02/14/2016Listen
Do you believe you ARE your soul?David LeachSoul, Believe02/10/2016Listen
The humble believe what God saysCraig HoltHumble, Faith02/07/2016Listen
Jesus is mighty to saveDavid LeachJesus, Save02/03/2016Listen
When are you a son of God?David LeachSon, Daughter, Child01/27/2016Listen
The Holiness of sonshipScott MayfieldHoliness, Sonship01/24/2016Listen
The need and blessing of sanctification to be fully savedDavid LeachSanctification01/20/2016Listen
The creation, fall, and redemption of mankindAlison WhitlockCreation, Fall, Redemption01/17/2016Listen
Arm your thinkingDavid LeachThoughts01/13/2016Listen
Repent and exercise your righteous authorityCraig HoltRepentance, Righteousness01/10/2016Listen


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